Genetically Modified Foods


Identifying fact from fiction allows us to make informed decisions about the products we consume. Separating the two can become especially difficult around issues related to our food supply given emerging research and the critical role food plays in our health. This Next Talk will highlight factual information related to the use and impact of Genetically Modified Foods – why a producer might consider the use of GMO’s, and what it means for the consumer.

Presenter Bio:

Dr. Travis Miller is a professor, Associate Department Head and Extension Program Leader of Soil and Crop Sciences at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. As Associate Department Head, Dr. Miller leads a group of specialists who serve as the interface between the university and the public on matters related to crops, forages, turfgrass, soils, water, and the environment. He received his bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University-Kingsville and his master’s and doctorate degrees from Texas Tech University.

During his career, Miller has presented approximately 1,300 educational programs in 150 Texas counties.  In the field, his main emphasis has been   the development of productive wheat and oilseed management systems, with an emphasis on proper placement of fertilizer and its importance in wheat forage production, the importance of genetic diversity in managing disease and insect pests of wheat, the development of an early soybean production system for central and east Texas and the identification of management strategies for managing herbicide resistant ryegrass in wheat. Among recognitions for his successful career, he has received the Norman E. Borlaug Lifetime Achievement Award from the Texas Plant Protection Association, the United Soybean Board Extension Meritorious Service award and was recognized by the Texas A&M University System with the Regents Fellow Service Award in 2010.